In which Lady Z takes the proverbial deep breath.

Thanks for all the sympathy and virtual hugs and cocktails. My last post actually worried my parents a little bit, so I want to assure everyone that my good humor remains essentially intact. Last night I went home from work and cleaned the bathrooms and the bedroom and today I feel much better.

For all my griping about the Catholic marriage-prep weekend, I did benefit from it in some ways. My favorite lesson was on making “life-giving” choices in marriage rather than “life-draining” ones. Surprisingly, this was not the lesson on Natural Family Planning. It was, rather, about becoming aware of how your choices and actions affect other people, and striving to be a positive rather than negative force in other people’s lives. As part of this ongoing process, I have begun to categorize everything in my life as either “life-giving” or “life-draining.” A clean bathroom is life-giving; a filthy bathroom is life-draining. Having to navigate Bikes, Blues, and BBQ on your way to work is life-draining, but getting to tell your students funny stories about your runs-in with bikers at the beginning of class is life-giving. Waking up to find that your puppy has pooped on the floor is a little life-draining, but puppy kisses first thing in the morning are very life-giving, so the puppy is overall a life-giving element. You get the idea.

Well, while missing Jenny Lewis’s set at the end of a very long and trying day and having to settle for the likes of Conor Oberst is life-draining, Jenny Lewis remains quintessentially life-giving, and so I urge you to follow the link below to watch this beautiful video by Autumn Wilde for Rilo Kiley’s track “Silver Lining”:

Watch video for “Silver Lining”

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