And look what my dad did!

For the past few years, my dad has been leading the fund-raising and development campaign at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum, which just reopened after an enormous, top-to-bottom renovation.

From the NYTimes review:

Many museums, serving far less troubled neighborhoods than this one does (Crown Heights) are coming to think of themselves as community centers and alternative schools. How much more effective might they be if play and information were intertwined, with children’s museums leading the way?

Perhaps because of this potential, the Brooklyn Children’s Museum’s fund-raising was immensely successful, with more than $80 million coming from public and private sources. And the museum spared little expense in its redesign. In its 104,000-square-foot reconstructed building it has almost doubled its exhibition space, to 20,000 square feet from 12,500, and added another 10,000 square feet on the rooftop, where bleachers frame an outdoor theater. It expects to increase annual visitors to 400,000 from 250,000. Its architect, Rafael Viñoly, has created a new second floor that is light and clean and functional. The building is green, with waterless urinals, token solar panels and geothermal heating and cooling. Many of its exhibitions will undoubtedly amuse and teach. There is much to appreciate here.

Awesome work, Greg from Riverdale!

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