The wheels on the web go LINK LINK LINK…

I’ve been doing a bit of interweb housecleaning, because I’m supposed to be writing. I actually was writing yesterday (an essay on Defoe that was due August 15, oops), until I received a frantic call from my father about wedding music, at which point I spent the next 3 hours downloading various movements of Bach and Vivaldi off of iTunes and trying to describe my “aural vision” to some poor violinist. (In case you’re wondering: Prelude—Bach’s Goldberg Variations; Recessional—Vivaldi’s Concerto for Violin in G, Op. 3, No. 3, movement I; and Processional—Bach’s Air on a G-String, which, I realize, is kind of like walking down the aisle to the “Thong Song.”)

But today, here’s what I’ve done.

THE POP TART has a new podcast website! And a new night! I’ll be back on the air MONDAY EVENINGS 6-8pm starting next week, and, presuming the station’s podcasting technology is up and running (not a given), podcasts will be available.

My work website has also received a facelift. I’m going to try to be more active on it this year.

And, finally, D has published a piece on documentary filmmaker Ross McElwee over at Senses of Cinema. It’s really, really good and you should read it.

3 thoughts on “The wheels on the web go LINK LINK LINK…

    • I love it. D wrote his thesis on McElwee — the Senses of Cinema piece is on Backyard, but he has a longer piece on Sherman’s March that he’s hoping to publish somewhere else. I’ll let you know when it surfaces.

  1. Your salon got me through the summer. Interesting, fascinating, etc.

    I went back to school after 14 years of being in the real world. I’m taking three 4000-level history classes to make up my deficiencies. I want to be in the master’s program in the spring.

    Seen on first day of UA classes on T-shirt of undegraduate:

    Procrastinators of the World, Unite! Tomorrow.

    Chris B,

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