In which Lady Z is inadvertently lewd, as usual.

First day of classes. Lady Z, waiting in line for the office copy machine, attempts to make small talk with those standing around.

Lady Z: So D and I are on day two of the Abs Diet—we’re trying to get hot for the wedding.

Secretary: How is that going?

Lady Z: The hardest thing for me is eating high-protein snacks regularly. I’m used to just drinking coffee all day and then wolfing down a plate of spaghetti at night. But now I have to eat protein all day long …

[Student wanders into the office looking for administrative assistance.]

Lady Z: … so, it’s like, lately I’m shoving nuts in my face at every opportunity. It’s exhausting.

[Student turns around and walks out.]

Lady Z: Hmmm. That’s really not the kind of thing I should be declaring in the office, is it?

Secretary: No.

6 thoughts on “In which Lady Z is inadvertently lewd, as usual.

  1. The poor student. But, I, too, live on that high protein diet, so I feel your pain about the nuts in the face. I get so tired of nuts and the meat, man I hate to eat the meat. I want a potato, some pasta, a little bread…but nope, I just eat the meat and eat the nuts and think about the days before when I could eat anything.

  2. I hope you somehow provided that link in the actual conversation. Then anyone listening could say, “Hey, I want to know more about that,” and then you could tell them all about the Abs Diet.

    That would be awesome.

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