Is it fall??

Today is the first day of the fall semester and I am in denial.

I haven’t completed several of the things I needed to complete before the summer was over, including getting my tan on. Guess it will have to wait for next year.

Daisy Mae has started obedience school and D and I have started a diet-and-exercise regime to try to look less slobby for our impending nuptuals. The next six weeks promise to be … interesting.

But the biggest news around here is that we think we figured out what Daisy Mae is, and it’s really, really cool.

Stay tuned for updates on obedience, wedding dresses, my summer reading list, and everything else BUT my bachelorette extravaganza. (What happens in P-town stays in P-town.)

4 thoughts on “Is it fall??

  1. How like you to find a fabulous exotic breed at the pound! And yay for obedience training! (But I was somehow hoping that was going to be part of the dispatch on the bachelorette party…) 😉

  2. Very cool, indeed! Cute blog too, btw.

    For the first time in nine years we didn’t make it to P-town this summer. We heard that after your party the place needed time to recover. 🙂

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