In which Lady Z is too busy to write this post.

If you’re wondering about the spotty posting lately, I regret to inform you that the reason is the same as always: Lady Z has actually been too busy to devote a respectable amount of time to procrastination. There is no way, in the three minutes I am currently allowing myself to make this post, adequately to convey how unrestful my summer has been—but here’s a brief synopsis:

Since June 30, I’ve been teaching two classes, with a total of 40 students, every weekday. In one we covered British literature from 1700-1900; in the other, the British novel from Aphra Behn to Jane Austen. I made the students in the latter (and myself) read a novel a week. My friends think I am a sadomasochist. On July 31, D and I flew to Rochester for my grandparents’ birthday family reunion. We reunioned. On Monday, August 4, we flew back to Fayetteville. I taught three more days of classes, covering Austen’s rewriting of eighteenth-century tradition into the nineteenth-century novel (see Venn diagram:


and the whole of the Victorian Empire. On Wednesday, August 6, D ran a screening of the DVD he did for the Oxford American 2008 Best of the South issue (on newsstands now). We drank to his success with friends and editors. The next morning, August 7, also my birthday, I wrote final exams, which my homeless colleague Shelia Collins administered the next day. Why did I not administer them myself? Because as soon as I was done teaching and writing exams, D and I threw a bunch of clothes back in our bags and drove down to Crossett, where some friends picked us up the next morning to drive down to New Roads, Louisiana for a wedding. We stayed in cabins on the False River and drank beer and waved handkerchiefs in the Second Line. Good times. Sunday, August 10, we drove back to Crossett and played with D’s 2-year-old niece. Monday—yesterday?—we drove back to Fayetteville, and now—Tuesday—I am reading final exams and papers and entering grades before running home and throwing a bunch of clothes back in a bag before getting in a car with Shelia to drive to Little Rock to have dinner with her family tonight before catching a 6am flight to Hartford, where I will catch a ride to Providence for karaoke before heading to Massachusetts with NKB before heading to Cape Cod for my bachelorette party which will last through Monday unless I fail to survive that long.

Please remember that I am also in the throes of planning a wedding. I field several emails and calls a day from anxious mothers. I deal with the perpetual guilt of avoiding our priest because I’m sure there’s something I’m supposed to be doing for him but I can’t remember what it is. Thursday I need to carve out an hour en route to the Cape to try on a dress at the Providence Place mall.

So send me whatever vibes of sympathy you can, or don’t, because I’m too busy to really accept them right now. My grades are due in an hour and I need coffee and a shower.

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