D’s summertime activities have produced more entertaining fare than my own. To wit:

Space Roke from Derek Jenkins on Vimeo.

In the year 2070, Colonel Blaze Blasterson crash landed on a strange planet. He’s been stuck in that fiery wasteland for years, his only company a monkey named Reginald and a beat-up old karaoke machine. Slowly but surely, trudging across the desolate landscape in search of food and water, during their heartfelt duets under the stars, he and Corporal Reginald fell deeply in love. That all ended two years ago when Reginald was swallowed whole by a Flaming Blort. Left with nobody else to duet with, Blaze sings alone and dreams of his lost love. He’s the loneliest man in the galaxy. Instead of being one of two “Islands in the Stream,” he’s found himself deserted.

In space, no one can hear you sing.

(This is what happened after we watched Robinson Crusoe on Mars a couple weeks ago.)

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