Even Japanese news is weird.

This is a very weird story out of Tokyo.

A homeless woman has been arrested after living undetected for almost a year in a tiny cupboard in a man’s house in Japan.

Horikawa told police that she had nowhere to live and had first taken up residence in the cupboard, in a room that the man rarely used, about one year previously when the owner of the house had gone out and not locked the door.

Police believe she may have moved between different addresses in the neighbourhood during her stowaway year.

The woman did not apparently steal any money or other items from the house, but did make use of the shower and toilet.

The police described Horikawa as looking neat and clean. She was charged with trespassing.

Locally, my lady NKB-VP-LTL is in town for the weekend and last night we almost killed ourselves with fun. We’ve spent the day convalescing on the couch. The cycle shall continue through Monday.

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