A catch-up post, of sorts.

Despite the fact that several of his freelance employers are behind in paying him, so that we are lately eking out a living by not spending superfluous cash or, more frequently, feeling guilty when we do, D’s quiet infiltration of mainstream culture continues apace. See this piece in the Arkansas Times, which tracks the buzz on his article in last summer’s Oxford American on singer Teddy Grace: it received a shout-out from Ben Greenman at the New Yorker website, and may be the source and inspiration of a track on Elvis Costello’s new album.

Also, tomorrow we hit the road so D can interview Judge Reinhold at the Little Rock Film Festival. I sense that an episode of Lady Z Gets Drunk with Judge Reinhold and Asks Him Too Many Questions About Fast Times at Ridgemont High is likely, if not inevitable.

It will make excellent material for my future testimonials on “D: The E! True Hollywood Story.”

What else? The other night we went to see “Iron Man,” and I agree with everything bcjennyo said. It was way fun, everything that “Transformers” should have been and was not. Much of that had to do with the presence of one Mr. Robert Downey, Jr. He is at the top of my list of Celebrities I Am Allowed to Go Home With If Ever Given the Opportunity. (Incidentally, I believe the existence of such lists is entirely necessary to a healthy long-term relationship. Some time ago, however, I heard from a friend who experienced a crisis of sorts when the opportunity to go home with a member of her list actually materialized, and she wasn’t sure if the list—or, more precisely, its permissions—were “real” or not. I suggest ironing out such details preemptively with one’s partner.) The ONLY thing that might have made the movie better is if it had been the movie D and I fantasized about on our way to the movie theater, in which Robert Downey, Jr. actually plays himself hitting rock-bottom in the Hollywood spiral of leisurely self-destruction, checks himself into rehab, and there, fashions himself a flying robot suit and emerges a shiny superhero.

What else? Our house is infested with tiny ants. It is extremely annoying. They are also in my car.

What else? Pretty much all puppy, all the time. See dog blog for further accounts of cuteness and destruction. Life with puppy, today, means waking up at noon on the couch with a wet, snorfling nose in my face—not knowing how long I’ve been lying here or whether I managed in my early morning somnambulism to feed her, but certain that the moment I sit up I will find evidence of Bad Behavior.

What else? My office iMac completely self-destructed last week, and, armed with only my new MacBook, a firewire cable, and my Googling skills, I managed to diagnose the problem (a “kernel panic” of sorts) and, after three days of strife, to fix it (by doing some fancy footwork with the system folder). It seems my years of procrastinating on Macs have turned me into a semicompetent computer technician. Does that count as a marketable skill?

6 thoughts on “A catch-up post, of sorts.

  1. Yes, being a semicompetent Mac computer technician does count as a marketable skill! I’ve been doing it for more than 20 years now. But you have to have a Day Job — because the damn things are made so well, there’s not a lot of work involved. This suits me fine.

  2. > and may be the source and inspiration of a track on Elvis Costello’s new album.

    As if yours and D’s coolness factors weren’t already through the roof, this just put them there permanently in my book.

    I love the idea of an RDJ as his own superhero movie. That would be teh awesome.

    It took us forever to get rid of our tiny ants. I hope it does not take you as long. I will tell you that mine are finally gone.

    I will hire you when my Macbook breaks. Maybe you can help me with the microphone….

  3. I saw Iron Man tonight; it was indeed quite amazing. I also saw Prince Caspian, which was arguably less creepy than the book, except for the whole religion thing. And the attempts at [heterosexual] romance. And that dwarf hitting on little Lucy.

    I am pointing my consort here to your forum in order that he might learn about “Celebrities I Am Allowed to Go Home With If Ever Given the Opportunity.”

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