In which Lady Z channels the Dog Whisperer.

Apparently, how annoying Daisy Mae can be is directly proportional to how tired I feel when I start the day with her. This morning she started whining around 5:30 am, which is simply too early by any standard of sanity, so I let her out and then put both of us back to bed. By 6:30 I couldn’t sleep anymore, so I got her up and fed her and took her out for a walk while she was still sleepier than I was. And she’s been a total angel all day—which is, admittedly, only a few hours old as of this note. But, seriously, it is amazing what an extra hour of sleep and a caaaaaaaaalm morning can do for a girl.

Maybe she knew I was talkin’ smack on the internets.

P.S. Thanks to florafloraflora for the advice in the BC forum—I think part of today’s success was certainly my being rested enough not to get into shouting matches with puppy.

One thought on “In which Lady Z channels the Dog Whisperer.

  1. My sources say that puppies are good practice for children, and I don’t doubt it… 😉

    Edited to add: I wanted to kill all three of my puppies on a daily basis until they were oh, about a year old. You are not alone.

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