Lady Z Is Getting Married: Part 3.

Please note: Lady Z is TERRIBLE about answering her phone and responding to voice mail. Nobody knows why.

Voice mail from Ladies VP:

“This is the Vice President of the Ladies that Lunch trying to reach The G. The President wants you to know that you cannot just announce that you are getting married and not follow up with details. Please be in touch at your earliest convenience.”

Another voice mail from VP:

“Um, yes. This is the Vice President calling AGAIN … you seem to be officially WITHHOLDING information at this point, which is not acceptable. Please call.”

Email from El Presidente, CC’d to VP:

ms z,

could you please update us regarding the following:

-how did the proposal happen
-have you set a date
-where is the ceremony going to be
-are you pregnant

and by ‘please’ i mean you NEED to give us details.

the pres

Email from VP, CC’d to El Pres:

exactly – I have made 2 official VP phone calls; it is time that you do your lady duty and provide copious updates…you can’t leave us at mere speculation – I don’t have enough liquor or friends for that.

and you need to start planning bachelorette…now. it’s the only thing to live for.


Yet another voice mail from VP:

“Yes, this is the VP calling YET AGAIN for the G, who is now facing an official EXECUTIVE CENSURE if she does not call back IMMEDIATELY.”

I finally called back to report: A. Proposal BBQ story; B. That I am not pregnant; C. Ceremony will be in NYC, but party in Fayetteville; and D. Bachelorette is in the works.

2 thoughts on “Lady Z Is Getting Married: Part 3.

  1. ha! I’m awful at listening to/returning voice mails. I have no idea why, either. In fact, if you figure it out, could you please explain it to me?

    Love the list of 4 things 🙂

    … and glad you didn’t get censured!

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