Lady Z Is Getting Married: Part 2.

Email from Baby Sister:

Hi G,

I’m super bored at work so I’ve done some wedding research.

I have gone onto the Jcrew website and found three dresses I like (see, I’m helping already). I like the Trimmed Taffeta Lorelai Dress (in black and white), the Silk Taffeta Felice Dress, and the Solid Silk Taffeta Ballerina Dress. Who’s paying for this wedding, because it turns out bridesmaid dresses aren’t cheap.

I’ve checked on the nytimes wedding announcements and you have to submit your request at least 6 weeks before the wedding, but you also have to submit the name of the person officiating. I don’t care if you don’t want this, I will be submitting this for you anyway. And when you take your picture to submit your eyes have to be at the same level.

I looked at catering places in fayetteville. Are you going to have it at a venue or at a restaurant (because then you obviously won’t need catering). If you’re going to have it in summer it would be so nice to have it outside. Are you going to have local Arkansas food? Maybe you could have lobster. Or if that’s too expensive you can just have 1 lobster for me. One thing that people do is have a sushi bar. That could be fun. I’d say do a buffet that way people can eat as much as they like and they have more freedom to move around. Are you going to have an open bar or a cash bar (do people do cash bars at weddings?). Are you going to revert to catholicism? You haven’t been to church in years and you went for easter, what’s that about?

Have you thought about where in ny you’re going to have it? Do you think you’ll have a hard time booking a place. Summer is very popular and most people would’ve booked it by now. I saw online that there are loft spaces you can hire. That might be cool…because then you have the ceremony and the reception in the same place.

Anyway, will you let me know when you have a better time frame for when the wedding(s) might be because I have to sort out my plane tickets home for grandma and grandpa’s birthday and I also have to figure stuff out with my job.

Love you,

My comment as I forwarded the above message to my parents, Little Sister, and D:

I’m so glad someone (else) is in charge around here…

Mom’s response:

I really wish I could just write you a blank check and show up on the day(s). It would be so much fun to find out how this all translates into reality. Now I’m beginning to “get” reality TV……..reality is beyond reality.

Glad to know you have someone mentoring your life between engagement and marriage. Who knows, maybe you should hire Emma for life? I’m sure she’d have as many ideas and as much knowledge to share about, let’s say, getting a puppy…..

So, what did you teach today? I don’t think I can get away with your engagement as my topic for tonight.


Little Sister’s response:

My only response is “oh my god!” and don’t expect this level of organization from me. I like the food suggestions especially.

6 thoughts on “Lady Z Is Getting Married: Part 2.

  1. your eyes have to be at the same level.

    What happens to the poor brides born with crooked eyes?

    Just FYI, I did my sister’s wedding. I can’t remember why now, but I think it’s because I got so frustrated that she wasn’t doing anything!!!! And she had a very nice wedding, although there were no lobsters and she got married at home! 😉

  2. I love the idea of a sushi bar in Arkansas, for one thing. I love her younger sister matter-of-factedness. My sister was similar (although we didn’t even HAVE email when I got married. How weird is that? I mean, it existed, I’m sure, but we didn’t use it) in a very entertaining way.

  3. Go for the sushi bar.
    Baby Sister and I would get along SO WELL. If she needs any of my
    wedding planning Excel template workfiles, I can send them to her.

    I also feel her pain. She needs to get her plane tickets and work
    out her career. I like to have my life planned out about 9 months in
    advance. Make sure you give Baby Sis enough notice.

    PS When you get up the sushi bar, you can call around to local
    restaurants to see if any of the chefs has their own catering
    equipment. Lots of them do. Or you can visit every sushi bar around
    town and make small talk with the chefs until you find one who
    freelances on the weekends. I like to support with the little guy as
    well as save myself $$.

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