In which Lady Z faces a most unusual problem.

Over at the Ladies blog, I detailed my plans for a March Toward Sobriety, which I was conceiving as an experimental detox but which NKB rightly identified as a move toward normality, or a skirting of AA intervention, as you choose. Well, I’m a couple days in, and it’s 9 am Monday morning, and I have completed all my essential work for the entire week and I have no idea what to do with myself.

I guess I’ll get started on next week.

This is weird.

2 thoughts on “In which Lady Z faces a most unusual problem.

  1. I was reminded of you, or my perceived image of who I make you up to be, earlier today when reading in Joyce Johnson’s “Minor Characters” (our title translates as “Waiting for Kerouac”). Maybe there is some of that Glassmangirl in you?

    • That’s funny—my senior year of high school, when I began seriously cultivating my “writer’s voice,” Kerouac was one of my Muses. And in the photos I’ve seen of Joyce Johnson as a young woman (i.e. still Glassman), she looks uncannily like the women on my dad’s side of the family, especially my grandmother as a girl and, now, my teenage cousin. So maybe there is a spiritual kinship…

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