In which D takes another step toward changing the world.

So D and a couple of his cronies, Shane and Sarah, have been conspiring to improve the quality of life here in Northwest Arkansas, and the result is The Film Alliance of the Ozarks. Here’s their mission statement:

The Film Alliance of the Ozarks is comprised of filmmakers and citizens working together to better integrate film into the daily life of our community. We seek to reclaim film as an essentially social project by organizing skill workshops, collaborative events, and social initiatives designed to (1) involve members of our community in the process of filmmaking and (2) document the sights and sounds of our region.

You can also hear D and Sarah talking about the FAO on our local NPR station. They had their first general interest meeting last night at the public library and the turnout was fantastic. The first planned even is a children’s super 8 film festival in the summer—they’ve got a bunch of cameras to hand out to kids for a day in the park, and then they’ll collect and process the film and compile the shots into a film to screen for all the families. It looks like this thing is really happening, and it’s freakin’ exciting.

5 thoughts on “In which D takes another step toward changing the world.

  1. Ouch. That mission statement makes the classic mistake with ‘comprised’ as opposed to ‘composed’. Perhaps you have some editorial influence?

    That said, it sounds like a great initiative.

      • I’m pretty sure it’s still around, at either the Fiesta or the new Malco theater. It was great, actually. I ended up seeing ‘No Country for Old Men’ a couple of times–being an old Coen fan–but ‘Blood’ blew me away (as much as I appreciated the film, I still felt at a distance; oddly, the film was far better than it’s Mccarthy-in-his-new-pared-down-phase book. As for ‘Blood’, great music, cinematography and Daniel Day chewing up scenery. Not much more you can ask for.

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