Bag lady.

OK, so I already spent hours yesterday shopping for handbags online, and bought two (exhibit A and exhibit B) from because I was depressed and having a two-new-handbags kind of day, but now what I really want is something from Tokidoki’s line for Le Sportsac:

Oh my GOD how am I ever going to get any work done when I just want it SO MUCH??

There is something wrong with me lately.

P.S. I love DJ Earworm’s “United State of Pop.” Find it and listen to it over and over. The best of ALL worlds, 2007.

5 thoughts on “Bag lady.

  1. I got one of these bags from Christmas for my in-laws. I had no idea it was special until I called a friend and said, “Oh, and I got this really cute bag. The lining has all these little anime-looking characters…” At this point in the conversation she started shrieking hysterically in my ear. Something about, “You don’t deserve a Tokidoki, you don’t even know what it is!”

    • The only reason I ‘m not physically dying of jealousy right now is that I’m typing this reply from my new iphone, which arrived today and is momentarily distracting me from all other material existence. But I can’t imagine a better vessel for the iphone than a tokidoki.

  2. OMG, I WANT one of those! And I must have good taste, because the ones I like best are sold out. And when did LeSportsac become so expensive? I remember having a red one in high school…

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