In which Lady Z tests the line between badass and dumbass.

Because my New Year’s Eve party stylins are so fierce you might blind yourself by looking at them directly, I present the party report in quiz form.

Lady Z broke her wrist within hours of the commencement of 2008 by:

A. Pumping up the jams, as is her wont.
B. Pumping up the jams so hard she fell on her ass.
C. Falling so hard she busted the zipper of her sexy strapless dress open so that it fell off and D had to try, in vain, to put it back on in the kitchen of the club while Lady Z insisted she could and must return to the dance floor, where further jams awaited the inevitable pumping up.
D. All of the above.

D did, in fact, prevail in getting me home, where I made and ate a giant salad and went to bed. The next day I woke up with a throbbing hand, and I spent the day watching a Law & Order marathon and whining, incredulously, that I might have “actually hurt myself” the night before. The next day—today, now—I begrudgingly went to the doctor and came out with a cast on my right arm.

So, once more, how did I celebrate the new year? I partied my clothes off. I partied till I broke.


10 thoughts on “In which Lady Z tests the line between badass and dumbass.

  1. Well…at least you didn’t party till you puked.

    But my goodness! How does D keep up with you?

    I’m sorry you ‘actually hurt yourself’ but goodness, woman, you make me laugh in spite of myself. I hope the cast doesn’t have to stay on too long.

  2. busting ass

    okay, when I was younger, I was spending the eve of my birthday, which happens to be NY eve as well, dancing and drinking and dancing some more and something happened and I still am not sure but I fell flat on my ass and limped home and limped around for a day or two before going to ER and getting an Xray and found that I had literally busted my ass, or my tail bone. There’s no way to put a cast on the tail bone and it hurt so badly and after much good drugs and many soft pillows, I finally found a spot to sit where the pain didn’t kill me.
    Here’s happy and quick healing.

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