That man o’ mine.

I’m sitting in the Northwest Arkansas Airport waiting for my indefinitely delayed flight to Newark via Chicago to get here and pick me up, wondering if it’s okay to eat chicken salad for breakfast, even in an airport, or whether that question is entirely voided by the more urgent question of whether it’s okay to eat airport chicken salad at all—and hoping that the answer is, at least in this case, yes, since there’s no going back.

Since I’m about to go home for a week and answer questions about my boyfriend—who, though not “new” anymore, neither in spirit nor in fact, is still kind of a novelty to sillygirl84, who lives in London now, and New Zealand before that, neither of which is remotely near Arkansas, which has thus hindered the epic meeting of the minds that shall inevitably occur someday, but not today, since D has to stay here and work—I thought I’d take the time to sing his praises to the world at large. And since, when with my family, I’m likely to talk about all the efforts I’ve made in the ongoing process of Moving In Together, like how my endurance for college football Saturdays is way up, even if my understanding of the sport has stalled somewhere around This Team Wants To Go This Way, That Team Wants To Stop Them, or how I’m developing a passion for late-night domino matches, or how I almost always remember to feed D’s cat before leaving the house for the day, I’ll take the time now to highlight some of the heroic efforts D himself is making toward our domestic happiness—like the totally awesome DVD shelves he made for the living room, and the life-changing chili he made for dinner last night, and his infinite patience with my utterly perverse CSI/Law & Order addiction. I particularly enjoy the Learning Moments, such as this:

Me: [trying on a potential outfit for work] Do you think I can wear these boots with this skirt?
D: I do not even understand the nature of that question.

Or this:

D: [calling from downstairs bathroom] Baby, do we have any more hand soap in here?
Me: There should be some in that box under the sink.
D: I don’t see any…
Me: Really? I thought I saw some in there the other day.
D: Wait, what’s a “cleansing bar”?
Me: Soap.
D: Check. “Cleansing bar” equals “soap.”

But it’s not just me who thinks D is the bomb. He was recently featured in the culture blog of the Arkansas Times, so you can see for yourself how much my baby rocks.

P.S. I took the mug shot. That’s my fault.

8 thoughts on “That man o’ mine.

  1. Aw, he’s a cutie. And, if you are interested in the long term, he looks like one who will age well–possibly get better looking with age. 😉 Many young women don’t take that into consideration. 😉

    As for the soap thing, it’s just further proof that he’s a keeper. Mine would call down to ask if there is soap without ever looking in a cabinet. 😉

    So, brief podcast tutorial. Can I listen to a podcast if I don’t have an ipod or anything? Can I just listen to it on my computer. Yes, I’m a techno-doofus. I still haven’t figured out RSS yet. I love that kind of music.

    So, based on this information, I give the Grandma Wren stamp of approval. 😉

    • Thanks for the stamp! I trust the Wren’s opinions. 🙂

      As for podcasts, you can listen to them on iTunes or whatever music-playing program you have on your computer. Try downloading one, and if you have any problems, I’ll call in the big guns for technical assistance.

      Mystery Train is a really, really good show.

  2. The Wind!

    Ah, there is great movie-watching to be had.

    (You didn’t happen to uncover a copy of The Wind with the original ending, did you? I’ve been chomping at the bit to see it, but it doesn’t seem to exist on this side of the pond…)

  3. D: I do not even understand the nature of that question.

    I think that this is by far the funniest thing that I have ever read. And the reason is that I could physically hear him saying this.

  4. ohh, he IS a cutie! Girl, you have great taste. And he has a cat? That definitely makes him a keeper.

    Enjoy your holiday ‘at home’. It’s okay to eat chicken salad for breakfast. I hope your flight arrives and gets you there soonest. Dress WARM.

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