How my refrigerator got its name.

In last night’s dream:
D and I were staying in a fantastic loft apartment in New York with a gourmet snack bar in the middle of it and I was going to buy a $14 cookie but D said Just share this cheese plate with me and we went to pay for it and it rang up $152 and D said to the cashier, It’s just 3 ounces of cheese, and she said, No, it’s 3 ounces of [something European sounding] cheese, made of the milk of the rare goats of [something European sounding] mountain, and we were like, OK, whatever, we’ve got TV to watch, because there was a race coming on, a big race between a big dog and a little horse, and in the end the dog won and it was a big upset and scandal for the whole little horse community, and the horse’s owner was trying to comfort the poor thing whose name was Textuality, and I said, Typical, but tried to keep my scorn under wraps because we were staying with my gay Armenian friend from grad school who’s into things like that, and sure enough he said to his parter, I’ve been thinking we could name an appliance like the refrigerator “Textuality,” and his partner said, Well, I was actually thinking we could name the fridge “Sir Future Robo-Tank,” and I thought, This will not be resolved any time soon.

In this morning’s waking life:
D is making a name label for our refrigerator, Sir Future Robo-Tank.

3 thoughts on “How my refrigerator got its name.

  1. Appliance names

    Lady Z, you are not as odd as you might assume yourself to be. I personally think there is a underground community of appliance namers. Our colbalt blue, beloved Kitchen Aid mixer is named Bertha. When she gets old and crusty, we plan to call her Ole Bertha. And yes, we actually had this discussion–and it was lengthy.

    Maxwell (fellow procrastinator)

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