I wanna Pop that Tart!

So, as you may or may not have discovered a couple weeks ago, my last scheduled Pop Tart show was unfortunately displaced by a Lady Razorbacks basketball game. The following week, I was in New York for Thanksgiving. I’ve got a playlist burning a hole through my computer, and I just discovered that there’s another basketball game tonight. It will probably be over in time for me to play for a little while, but that’s just not enough, especially since I have to haul my butt up off the couch and back to campus to do this thing. So no Pop Tart again tonight.

Instead, I give you the video of one of the centerpieces of tonight’s would-be show, “Je Veux Te Voir” by French pop sensation Yelle. I don’t care that Derek thinks this is a mere M.I.A. rip-off. While no one will replace M.I.A. in my heart of hearts, I’ve got a supercrush on this little pop-teuse…

7 thoughts on “I wanna Pop that Tart!

  1. Hey Gena,

    Its Collin. Good to hear from you. No cool hunting pictures just yet, but give it some time. How is Arkansas treating you? I was actually at the Little Rock airport on Monday, ironic. Hope everything is going well, tell everybody I said hi.

  2. I object…

    i’ll cop to calling it derivative (she even stands like MIA), but in no way did i indicate that it wasn’t awesome nonetheless….

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