Babel Fish poetry.

I know I don’t have to tell you, dear readers, that there are few better ways of procrastinating online than playing with online translators. But until I read this post by mushinoko, I failed to appreciate the epic procrastinatory proportions of Babel Fish poetry.

I find it also works timekilling miracles with song lyrics. To wit, Journey wrung through Japanese:

When on the girl lonely world those ranges of the raise in salary city boy
and the singer of smell of smokey room of the cheap perfume it depends the wine for smiling
which is taken going exactly his anywhere,
in order exactly small town where south Detroit
which takes the train of the midnight when it goes anywhere
withstands you had lived, to find the fact which in the night
is hidden somewhere other than in regard to and the bottom investigation of the type
which waits for the shadow and she of the train of midnight lives steadily,
the feeling which can share the night when it goes steadily at night
Streetlights life of the people who are passed exactly

Oh man. This is trouble.

4 thoughts on “Babel Fish poetry.

  1. my translator died

    yeah my life was ruined when for some reason the shizzolator site was closed down. every other language seems to pale in comparison to shizzle translations.


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