In which Lady Z is lame, but M.I.A. kicks ass.

At the risk of reducing the Procrastination Salon a mere vehicle of repetitive self-promotion, I must admit that the only thing I have to say right now is that you should listen to The Pop Tart on KXUA tonight from 8-10pm (central time), because the playlist is the only thing I accomplished today besides heating up and downing a can of soup. Because I’ve been so lame about blogging lately, I shall now try to distract you from said lameness with the definitively unlame video to M.I.A.’s “Jimmy.”

13 thoughts on “In which Lady Z is lame, but M.I.A. kicks ass.

    • That was an excellent playlist last night. I enjoyed it very much.

      I did want to point out one issue, btw, if you don’t mind. After you come on to list the songs that just played, or do one of the advertisements there’s a bit of an awkward gap before the next song starts, and just when I start getting an uneasy feeling that something is about to go wrong the song starts. You might want to make the transitions a tad smoother.

      • Thank you! I was wondering how those transitions were sounding — it’s the technical bit that I find most awkward, but it’s impossible for me to hear what it sounds like at the other end. I’ll work on it, but be forewarned that it may take me a while to get the hang of it…

        And thanks for listening! Let me know if you have any requests!

  1. oh awesome show. I can’t believe I haven’t caught it until this week, but I totally washed the dishes to it. Loved the Holly Golightly you played. And, like everything. Please, please let me know if you ever can’t make the show–like physically can’t get to it for whatever reason–and I will stand in for you and play all your awesome music. You can make me a playlist/accompanying coupla CDs. My swerve will dutifully pale in comparison! I would be so honored!

    • I’m glad you caught it, because the internet feed wasn’t working and my usual audience (i.e. LiveJournal friends and my parents) couldn’t listen in. I thought I was just dancing with myself tonight.

      Ms. Fine, you are officially at the top of my A-list of Pop Tart subs. (Pop Tartettes?)

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