Lady Z hits the airwaves!

Well, people, my original radio show concept (which I’d decided to call Kamikaze Girls, and which was going to kick ass) didn’t work out, due to the fact that some other girl got in there with her girl-rock show first. But I have rallied with what might be an even awesomer show:

THE POP TART with Lady Z
sweet sounds from way back and way out!

Every Wednesday night from 8-10pm, starting TONIGHT, I’ll be spinning the heart-breakin’est, booty-shakin’est pop tunes from the ’40s to the present, and you’ll be dropping those books and hitting the dance floor, because, as Blind Derek Jenkins once said, “Why be a pedant when you can be a pop tart?”

If you’re in Fayetteville, you can tune your radio to KXUA 88.3 FM; if not, you can listen online.

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