You won’t crush MY enemy scheming, you won’t.

Alert procrastinator atabei has directed my attention to this disturbing news out of North Korea:


SEOUL (Reuters) – North Korea’s security agency has ordered the shutdown of karaoke bars and Internet cafes, saying they are a threat to society, a South Korean newspaper reported Wednesday.

The North’s Ministry of People’s Security said in a directive that all karaoke bars, video-screening rooms and Internet cafes operating without state authorization must shut immediately, the Dong-A Ilbo newspaper said.

The paper did not say how it obtained a copy of the directive.

“It is so promulgated under the mandate of the Republic in order to crush enemy scheming and to squarely confront those who threaten the maintenance of the socialist system,” the daily quoted the ministry directive as saying.

And I’m thinking, Korean karaoke must be fucking awesome.

5 thoughts on “You won’t crush MY enemy scheming, you won’t.

  1. Karaoke is a threat to society… Can ya blame me for immediately thinking of you when I read that? LOL 😀

    I think some government minister went to a karaoke bar and got booed or something like that and decided to get revenge…

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