Celebrities are weird.

As some of you know, my research trip to Chicago has come to a somewhat premature end, and I find myself in Cincinnati relaxing and catching up on my procrastination. Fortunately for me, Hollywood continues to be populated with benign lunatics. From today’s IMDb Celebrity News:

Horror movie mogul Wes Craven is suing funnyman Pauly Shore over a landslide at his Hollywood home. The Nightmare On Elm Street filmmaker claims Shore failed to maintain his garden, which backs onto Craven’s property, and the Encino Man star’s inactivity led to a landslide. In papers filed in Los Angeles on Wednesday, and obtained by Tmz.com, Craven states, “water from the Shore Property intruded and infiltrated the Craven Property causing a slope failure/landslide.” Craven claims the neighborhood disaster took place last December, adding he “will continue to suffer severe emotional distress and anxiety.” The director is seeking unspecified damages.

I would say something witty here about the particular brand of hilarity inherent in the idea of Wes Craven suffering “severe emotional distress and anxiety” over the state of his lawn, except that I’m still distracted by the surreal revelation that Wes Craven lives next door to Pauly Shore.

In other celebrity news, Kelly “Kiki Cohen” Rowan is reportedly “engaged to the richest man in Canada.” Ok, then.

2 thoughts on “Celebrities are weird.

  1. Landslides happen all the time in LA, because of the proximity to the mountains and the fact that they build in a region where chaparral vegetation burns frequently, contributing to mudslides and debris flows when it rains. People who build or live in LA should know better than to complain when Nature happens.

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