Another brief personal update for my peeps.

My mission in Chicago came to a premature end. The whole “let’s try being someone else’s girlfriend” thing really did not work out. I ended up fleeing to stay with some friends who also live in the city, and spent several glorious days enjoying Chicago and their company and the fuzzy love of their little black kitty, Mao Zedong. Then I had Z come and pick me up, which he did because he is a motherfucking saint, which I say with earnest love and gratitude. Now I’m in Cincinnati, and I’m fine. I’m better than fine. I feel immensely relieved, and happier than I have in months. I feel like I’m coming out of a nine-month case of homesickness.

I’m only sorry that I never met up with mojosmom while I was there. I did kind of fall in love with the city, though, so I’ll be back. There’s really good book shopping to be had in Chicago, and an excellent selection of Belgian beers.

We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled procrastination, like, soon.

7 thoughts on “Another brief personal update for my peeps.

  1. Wow. I’ve been away for most of a week and not much online for another week before that…so I’m more than a little out of the loop. This entry took me rather by surprise.

    I’m glad you tried what you needed to try, found out what you needed to find out, and had a saint to help scoop you up. *hugs* to you, and take care of yourself.

  2. I’m sorry, too, that we never met up. But I’m glad you are happy! Do come back to visit, though! I’m still available to do the Art Institute or whatever.

  3. Chicago is a wonderful city. I’ve been there four times now, and can’t wait until I can go again.

    I love that they have a kitty named Mao.

    Glad you’re feeling better too.

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