It’s my Monday and I’ll bitch if I want to.

I slept too much last night and haven’t had enough caffeine yet today and it’s made me cranky cranky cranky. I know I’m experiencing a crankiness of epic proportions because I’ve begun a mental list of all the things that are Obviously Intolerable, and even from within my grouch-addled brain I can tell that there is something emotionally unbalanced about some of the items. But whatever. Here’s a sample of the things maliciously oppressing me today, in no particular order:

– The price of gas

– The price of bottled water

– My lack of interesting mail

– Product packaging with no discernible mechanism for removing the product from said packaging

– Other people in the elevator

– Other people in the elevator stopping at floors between where I get on and where I get off

– Other people in the elevator who push one floor and then begin to get off at every floor the elevator stops at even though it isn’t the floor they pushed so someone else in the elevator has to say, “This is 4, not 6” and “This is 5, not 6” and each time someone points this out they look around and say, “It is?” as if maybe we’re lying to them about how elevators work

– The fact that my coffee cup is empty, again

– The fact that my hair will never be as pretty as Neko Case’s

– My personal service staff’s continued insistence on not existing

– Forms

– Work

– Life, the universe, and everything

5 thoughts on “It’s my Monday and I’ll bitch if I want to.

  1. Dang, you do have a bad time going there. Where I live, gas costs $1.20 per gallon, bottled water is free, my mailbox is overflowing with fanmail (some of it quite erotic) addressed to someone called “Lady Z,” and all the world is filled with beauty and grace. Maybe you ought to come up and visit me sometime. 🙂

  2. Let the idiots get off on the wrong floor…get them out of your hair a bit sooner, and maybe they’ll learn to pay attention.

    (Or have a heart attack trudging up the stairs.)

    I’m in no mood to suffer fools gladly, either.

  3. Haha to that elevator business. We have elevators in our apartment building, and I always feel slightly victorious each morning I’m able to secure an empty one.

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