Leavin’ on a jet plane.

Have I mentioned that I have a soft spot for John Denver? It lives somewhere in the vicinity of my weird, lifelong affinity for the song “Sweet Home Alabama.” File that all away under Trivia About Lady Z That May Come In Unexpectedly Handy One Day.

Just popping in (because I paid for my wi-fi time, goddamnit) to say I’m in the LA airport, at the tail end of my layover, about to go board the thirteen-hour flight to Auckland. I’ve been killing time at the Daily Grill bar, trying in vain for the last two hours to get a glass of water from my waitress, who redeemed herself a few minutes ago not by bringing my water but by remarking that I “look so much like that Zeta-something lady who’s married to Michael Douglas.”

I’m easy. I know.

Oh, and this: my new favorite magazine is Oxford American. Check it out—the upcoming Southern Movie Issue and accompanying DVD (which I saw at a screening a few days ago, and which is amazing) are guest-edited by my freakishly intelligent friend Derek.

OK. I’m off.

2 thoughts on “Leavin’ on a jet plane.

  1. Speaking of Dereks, my friend Derek, who graduated last year from here (he’s doing some sort of Fullbright stuff in Germany, I believe), mentioned you last night at my birthday party — he’s most likely going to be going to Brown for graduate studies in English, and he had just found out that you had gone there… okay, that’s it. I figured I had to share.

    • I’m so pleased to hear that! I remember Derek well, and I think he’ll do great things at Brown. I received an email from him through a series of connections after I read your comment, so I’ll get in touch with him and offer whatever sage advice I can for surviving life in Providence.

      You should keep Brown in mind, too, in case you feel like more school in a couple of years…

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