Dr. Collins explains it all.

On the phone, from my 7th-floor office to SC’s 2nd-floor office:

Me: Why is my office so cold? I’m freezing my ass off in here.
SC: I don’t know.
Me: I turned the thermostat up to 76, and it’s still freezing.
SC: I turned mine up to 86 and now it’s okay. Didn’t you bring a sweater or anything?
Me: No. It was so nice outside I left my sweater in the car.
SC: You want to borrow mine? I have one I leave in the office just for this kind of situation.
Me: Why are you so much smarter than I am?
SC: Because I’m black.
Me: Oh, right.

5 thoughts on “Dr. Collins explains it all.

  1. **CHUCKLE**

    All the full-tiers at work have blankets and overcoats in their lockers. We all know that the temperature during the night will get very cold. For some reason the Aircon in the building is just freezing6 hours outta every 8 per shift. In the summer it looks rediculous, going to work with a jacket and everyone else has singlets and shorts.
    Stupid aircon, no wonder people get sick.

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