What is NOT OKAY.

When I’m innocently sitting at my desk reading, enjoying my morning coffee, and I casually brush off a hair or thread that is tickling my bare upper arm, and it’s not a hair at all but an ENORMOUS WASP, the seriously freaky alien Southern kind with the helicopter wingspan and the long, rangy legs, which are now writhing around in grotesque confusion on my desk, until the creature rights itself and zooms up into my bookshelf to nestle among MY OWN THINGS as it plots its next sinister sneak attack.


It looked like this, and it violated my personal space.

I started Tuesday such a professional, and now I’m all girly and creeped out.

ETA: As I was posting this, and I swear I am not making this up, the beast appeared AGAIN and dive-bombed my computer. It is clearly an agent of some great, unfathomable evil. Enormous thanks to Jake From Down The Hall, whom I summoned to come kill the thing as it attempted to colonize the Shakespeare section of my office library.

14 thoughts on “What is NOT OKAY.

  1. I had a mutant house centipede fall on my head when I was an undergraduate while I was reading (I’m not kidding) The Metamorphosis. It seems they have an organized resistance going on here. The only option is to crush it.

    • It was either one of the very same, or something related. I don’t know anything about wasps myself, except that I am unwittingly sharing office space with them, but I did find this list of species found in the state of Arkansas, which includes several varieties of the pepsis genus.

      Needless to say, I am scared.

  2. Eeeek! It’s “Mansquito” the Sequel! Actually, it looks like the bastard that took up residence in my front door wreath and stung me five times on the wrist when I tried to go outside. I got the spray…

  3. Were it’s wings brown or black? I think you may have killed a dirt dauber–which is one of the good bugs. They eat black-widow spiders. Actually, they take them to their dirt dauber nests and wrap them up–which is why you should be very careful if you open up a dirt dauber nest–the spiders are dangerous even then. I can’t remember if it’s because they aren’t dead or if the venom lingers.

    But, dirt daubers don’t sting and eat yucky spiders. They hare shiny black with black wings.

    If the wings were brown, it sounds like a ground wasp–who also don’t sting and eat yucky bugs.

    • Hmmm. Those do sound like good guys. But will its friends come to avenge its wrongful death?

      Speaking of yucky spiders, did you see the recent New Yorker article about the spiders in LA? Creeeeeeepy! And cool.

  4. (As Wren says–and as my mother often tells me when I flinch from the critters up at her place: A large number of those creepy Southern wasps are harmless.

    But that’s their problem, if they come near me.

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