I was about to inform you that I made it back safely from Tulsa, when I realized that you, imaginary reader, probably had no idea I was ever in Tulsa. Well, I was, doing nerdy 18th-century stuff, and I had a fantastic weekend. I entered Monday with an unlikely post-Tulsa glow about me. If you’re interested in the nerd content, the panel I chaired received a very nice shout-out over at The Long Eighteenth. Knock yourself out.

But for those of us more vehemently committed to La Procrastination, I offer some choicer morsels. Astute reader Tracy E. kindly sent a link to the following Superbowl ad for Emerald Nuts, featuring one of my favorite nuts of all time, one Mr. Robert Goulet:

(Tracy, who works with my father, wrote that this ad reminds her of my dad, “not because he reminds me of Robert Goulet, but rather because we sometimes find your dad at his desk in a vaguely comatose state.” My dad himself confirms that he has often suspected Robert Goulet of surreptitiously messing with his stuff as he sneaks in a late afternoon desk-doze.)

And it would be sheer heresy to leave the subject of Robert Goulet without directing you to Will Ferrell’s impersonation, plugging his collection of hip-hop covers, “The Coconut Bangers Ball: It’s a Rap.” Will Ferrell, you win; you always do.

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