Just for the record.

I’ve watched the entire Westminster Dog Show on TV, and if I see this commercial one more time, I am really, seriously going to cry.

(Yup, just watched it again as I posted it. I am weeping openly at a marketing campaign and I want to adopt a dog right now.)

5 thoughts on “Just for the record.

  1. I’m in a condo that allows only two pets per household. Otherwise…

    I have purebred dogs, but they’re both rescued from the racing business. Our group always has dogs needing foster homes. We also have two nine-year-olds returned from a household after they’ve spent years together, and we’re trying to find them a new home together. We always have happy young dogs fresh out of racing to find homes for, and we often have older “bounces” needing homes, and I’d love to take them all. Having a limiting condo covenant keeps me from getting in over my head.


    Good for James, the English Springer. He won a hugely important show (the Eukanuba 2006 championship) just recently, and now Westminster on top of that. Wonder how he’ll do at Crufts next month…

  2. Poor doggies. Manhattan high-rise apartments are full of dogs, but I just can’t see my way to doing it – I’m never home. When I retire I’m determined to rescue a doggie or two. But this commercial did make me want to run out and do the deed NOW.

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