5 thoughts on “I love it when memes understand me.

  1. Hm..

    Depending on the day I take it, I either test as Severus Snape (INTJ) or Albus Dumbledore (INFJ) – I’ve always been split almost evenly on the Thinking/Feeling part of the Meyer-Briggs test. I wonder, will I eventually kill myself because of this . . .? 😉

    I like Remus, though. He’s stoic and caring (except for those bothersome times during the month when he wants to rip someone’s head off and, frankly, can’t we ladies sympathize with that?)

  2. So, great. I’m Lord Voldemort, or at least I am today (lousy Meyer-Briggs–it’s always a toss-up). I’m going to go off and turn into a snake now. Come feed me a rat or something and I’ll tell you about South Carolina.


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