The price of jetsetting.

Look, I know it’s pathetic, so you can save yourself the trouble of telling me so, but yes: I’m sitting at home on a Wednesday night drinking a bottle of wine and missing my favorite sneakers, which were stolen off the porch of our cabana on my recent trip to Belize. I was looking at pictures from the trip for a post to the Ladies blog, and I found this delightful shot:

…which reminded me of my delightful Sauconys:

This was the last day I wore them. I’d worn them on the plane, but as soon as we landed at the cabana I traded them for sandals, and never thought of them again until I was packing to go home. NKB and I both discovered at that point that the sneakers we’d left carelessly outside the door had mysteriously disappeared—who knows when. At the time, it seemed—and it is—a small sacrifice to make for a stay in Belize, and I had no doubt that the person now wearing them appreciated them in ways I never would. They’re just sneakers, I said, and I can probably find another pair online when I get home.

But I can’t.

I’ve scoured the internet with the tenacity of a seasoned procrastinator with lectures to prepare, and I cannot find these shoes (Saucony Jazz ACs, I think)*, not in these colors (light blue with orange details). I’ve been through every damn page at Zappos and every other site I can think of, and not only can I not find my shoes, I can’t even find any potentially acceptable substitutes.

I’m having an all-out mid-week footwear crisis, which I believe might be a new low. I didn’t know I had any of those left.

*Astute reader thebiblioholic has determined through his painstaking internet research that the model is in fact not the Jazz AC but the much more elegant-sounding Bella Vida. Thanks to all who have taken an interest in this, my latest of trivial plights, and a free puppy to the first reader to track down a pair of Bella Vidas in my beloved blue and orange.

13 thoughts on “The price of jetsetting.

  1. Oh, no! I’m very sorry to hear about your loss. 😦

    But on to a better subject- BELIZE! We’re totally going! After your suggestion, I did a few basic googles and randomly found what I want- it’s a place called Caves Branch, and it’s PERFECT – the right blend of adventure, non-touristy-ness, snorkeling/jungles/Mayan ruin trips to Guatemala/caves!/kayaking…and cabanas! And it’s oddly somewhat affordable!

  2. Well, that just stinks. Those were good looking shoes.

    OT, could you pm your address? I picked up something for you awhile back, and it’s just been sitting on my file cabinet, waiting for me to get around to sending it.

  3. My BFF had her sneakers stolen once! We were painting a friend’s dad’s small business at night when we were seniors in high school and she left them on the stoop so they wouldn’t get dirty.

    They were gone when we finished up our work at midnight.

  4. Damn, woman. When did you buy those, anyway? They probably shipped the overstocks to India long ago, along with my Pre-Raphaelite Cherub clogs that Winston ate. The closest I’m finding is a lime green, which isn’t all that appealing. Are we looking for retro styling? If so, check out these by Simple. I love the company; they’re very environmentally responsible. Otherwise, there are my fave brands like Tsubo, J-41, Merrell and Camper to check out. I’ll keep looking.

    • I like the Simples! I’ll check out your other favorites, too. The brand that caught my eye in the futile Zappos search was the Asics Tiger—I like these, though I’m wary of a commitment to green.

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