Pop quiz.

If you slap one of those “I [HEART] OIL WAR” bumper stickers1 on your Jeep Grand Cherokee, you are being:

A. Ironic.
B. Stupid.
C. An asshole.
D. All of the above.

1I actually kind of love those bumper stickers, but it occurs to me now that Americans might not be allowed to make that joke. Especially the ones with bumpers.

In other news, thebiblioholic has alerted me that NASCAR champ Jimmie Johnson broke his wrist falling off a golf cart at a celebrity tournament. I’m sorry, but that’s just sad. If Tony Stewart turned up with any broken bones, you know it would be from, say, kicking someone’s ass. Now that’s NASCAR.

ETA: I just read to the end of the story, and discovered that Tony Stewart has indeed made news with his broken bones: “Tony Stewart broke his wrist and bruised his ribs last January when he flipped a car during a qualifying race for the Chili Bowl Midget Nationals.” See? NASCAR.

5 thoughts on “Pop quiz.

  1. my apologies for that completely awkward meeting earlier, though it was quite funny (i think i was gearing myself up for making a ridiculous mistake, and then having to be escorted out by security for bothering a nice young lady who didn’t know who the hell i was). and i didn’t mean to ask such the personal question, “oh, hey, why are you here…?” i think i’m still a little dazed by the odd randomness of it all. drop me a line if you’d ever like to have a ‘normal’ conversation in a ‘normal’ context 🙂

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