End-of-Semester To Do List.

1. Wake up.

2. Wake up again.

3. Distinguish reality from dream in which my enormous dog ate a child’s face off and two guys stole my DVD player.


5. Grade papers.

6. Pay rent.

7. Find way to purchase food and Christmas presents (legal or otherwise).

8. Write letter to Barnes & Noble urging them to consider NASCAR sponsorship.

9. Write article on the “racial anomaly” in The Matrix.

10. Get someone to make me food?

11. Make Christmas presents?

12. Steal Christmas presents?

13. More papers.

14. Petition government to officially change the United States national anthem to Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing.”

15. Design line of NASCAR-themed lingerie.

16. More coffee.

17. Law & Order rerun.

18. Advise students on final papers; collect them; grade them.

19. Devise plot outline for NASCAR-themed holiday romantic murder mystery.

20. Final exams.

21. Something with bourbon in it.

22. Whatever comes next.

11 thoughts on “End-of-Semester To Do List.

  1. #15: I was briefly searching the net for such a thing, and it appears they’ve beaten you to it. (Sorry, I have no links at present.) Unless you meant “tasteful” NASCAR-themed lingerie, in which case the field is completely yours. πŸ˜‰

    #10: I’ll feed you! Qdoba! And if you catch me at the right time I’ll bring you some cookies and a loaf of pumpkin bread too. πŸ˜‰ Seriously, how’s your schedule looking? This weekend is bad for me, but after that I’m extremely flexible.

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