18 thoughts on “In which Lady Z acts mysterious because she doesn’t feel like talking about it.

  1. It takes two years to learn a new job?

    Is this why morons steadfastly refuse to hire me for things that are so close to what I do now I could learn them in two weeks? Because they believe this malarkey?

    The longest it’s ever taken me to learn a job is four days– and that was after I got transferred into a completely different part of a company who’d hired me for something else.

  2. I’d say no. I’ve read that a rule of thumb of getting over relationships is that it will take half the length of the relationship to feel normal again.

    So if two people were in a relationship for 2 years, they’d get over the breakup in a year. And if Joe and I broke up, I’d feel normal in 7 years… yikes.

    Also, I only wish I could get a job that took my 2 years to learn. The one I’m in took 2 weeks. A year on, I’m bored chronic.

  3. I’m dying to know which part of the rule you’re not talking about

    re: two years to learn a new job? HA! I’d have been fired after 3 months.

    What I thought it might be: that you are still eligible for the Newlywed Game (show?) for the first two years of marriage.

  4. Yes and no. Some of the advice is probably good, I think. The only telling your friends once though sounds stupid to me. I mean, they’re not much of a friend if they’ll only listen once and then say, “Oops. You’ve reached your time limit. Have to talk about something else now.” If they’re a good friend, they’ll tell you when you’ve reached the wallowing in it point. Otherwise, they should shut up and listen and be there for you.

  5. The two-year rule? Mostly bull. Two years to learn a job? Probably depends on the job. My job? If people couldn’t learn to do it in 2 months ,they’d be fired (someone was actually let go after a week because it was determined that they couldn’t do the job and wouldn’t be able to). Other jobs? Dunno. Never really had any other jobs.

    Getting over a relationship? Not sure. Let’s see…
    First relationship: about 2 months to get over…
    Second relationship: about a month to get over…
    Third relationship: Relationship isn’t over so I’m not planning on “getting over it”.

    Getting accustomed to a new town? I can definitely see it taking a couple of years to feel that a new town is “your town”.

  6. I wouldn’t say I “believe” in the 2-year rule

    But that little entry does have some good suggestions for mending a broken heart.

    The last time my heart was broken, and I mean not just broken but torn out of my chest and stomped flat by the object of my affection, I developed my own little ritual to get over him. When I got home from work each day, I turned on the stereo, plugged in my microphone, put on Alanis Morrisette’s Jagged Little Pill CD and sang along at full volume to “You Oughta Know”. After a few weeks, I had mended enough to feel human and worthy again. Just a thought.

    And here’s a hug if you need one. {{{{Lady Z}}}}

    • Re: I wouldn’t say I “believe” in the 2-year rule

      I’ve been listening to absurdly sad music—Gillian Welch, Wilco’s “Jesus, Etc.,” Dylan’s live 1966 “Just Like a Woman”—and I think it may be time to upgrade to some Alanis. Thanks for the tip, and the hug.

  7. Sorry I missed this in a timely fashion. I’ve been busy, as you know, applying my own two-year rule (20 months in this case).

    Usually, I’ve found Lenny Bruce to be right: “After a long-term break-up, you need to spend about a year just throwing up. Then you can make extremely stupid mistakes for about six months. After that, you might be able to do something intelligent.”

    That’s worked for me three times.

    (((((((Lady Z)))))))

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