A note for my friends.

This is a kind of public service announcement to let y’all know that a certain resident troll, who had a special place in my heart but who I know was rather unpleasant to be around, has finally lost his privileges as an “Honored Guest” of the Salon. I’m announcing it because I imagine it will bring some relief to those of you who endured the brunt of his misanthropy for any amount of time, but also to let you know that it takes a lot for me to “unfriend” someone, and even more for me to ban someone from commenting. What finally pushed me over the edge was a combination of his persistent harassing of my other friends and getting eerily possessive of my own attention and affections. So, like, don’t do that. Not that I have to tell any of you.

In other news, I love the new releases by Jennifer O’Connor and Yo La Tengo.

10 thoughts on “A note for my friends.

  1. Nice use of y’all indeed! (Don’t worry, we all go a little native here.) 😉

    I chucked someone off my list for insulting other posters last year, and took some flack for it, but didn’t care. I WILL have civility on my pages, no exceptions.

  2. Hm… another LJ-drama I seem to have missed completely. But, judgeing from the fact that I’m still here, I safely assume it wasn’t me. Maybe I shouldn’t wonder; it’s just that my own comments seemed to be the only ones prsent in segnificant amount? Well, whatever. Have a good time and don’t be too hard on yourself. If it has to be done, you gotta do it.

    • However did you guess? I must have done a bang-up job of teaching you the art of close reading.

      And yes, you must listen the the new Yo La Tengo, which is entitled “I Am Not Afraid Of You And I Will Beat Your Ass,” no shit.

      • I read the Pitchfork Review (of the album, not of him) and it sounded pretty awesome.

        I called my Fiction Writing Professor this morning, because I wanted to make sure my appointment with her is at two (I still don’t know for sure), and got your old voice message. It was very strange.

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