Sour is the new spicy.

This summer, my favorite snack is salted limes. Yes, that’s just a lime cut in quarters, sprinkled with salt. Z thinks it’s disgusting, but I say it’s like a virgin tequila shot, which is delicious.

The older I get, the more my childhood sweet tooth atrophies. I’m not sure I ever even had that much of a sweet tooth; my favorite foods have always tended toward the salty and sour—lemons, tomatoes, pickles, olives. But these days, especially in the heat, I positively shy away from anything remotely sugary. So I was delighted to see an article in the NYTimes last week on how sour is currently the hippest taste among the New York foodie set (replacing last week’s Capital-S-Spicy, which I still love, food fashion be damned).

I am not delighted, however, to find that my lackadaisical approach to passing along vital information culled from cyberspace—particularly that which confirms that I Am Cool, Even The New York Times Says So—has resulted in this story’s being filed away under Times Select, which means that when you click on the link, you will be ordered to hand over cash in order to read the story (unless you are not po’ like I am and have already anted up the fee to read the NYT’s good stuff). Do not do this. Refuse to support the conspiracy of extortion aimed at the slacker reading public. Just take my word for it that I have cutting-edge taste buds and leave it at that.

Here’s a news item from the SFGate that you can read: Bush Acknowledges Racism Still Exists. But I think the headline really says it all on that one.

10 thoughts on “Sour is the new spicy.

  1. so this is my first comment on your blog, though i’ve been reading for quite some time. i wanted to agree with your comment about the TimesSelect articles – for some reason it often seems to be the op-ed pieces which are TimesSelect as well, never the national news. so i guess the message they’re trying to send is… we can’t hide the real news from you, but by golly we can charge you to read what’s fashionable and who thinks so?

    i’m too poor (or, let’s say, thrifty, since that sounds nicer) to subscribe or register for anything, so i will most definitely just take you at your word when it comes to sour foods.

    hope arkansas is treating you well. it’s hotter than hell at haverford, and there’s no air-conditioning in the apartments. ahh me.

    -meredith z.

    • Hey, meredith z.! Nice to know you’re out there. I don’t envy you the East Coast heat. Technically, I think we’re hotter down here (daytime temperatures hovering just above 100 for the past few days), but in the South they just air condition the hell out of all indoor spaces, so it’s actually much easier to deal with.

  2. Salted limes… sounds good. I haven’t quite gotten there yet, but I’ve always been intrigued by the salted lemonade at the Vietnamese noodle place. I know what you mean about the sweet tooth declining, too. I like mildly sweetened things, but almost everything sweet I’ve tasted lately is too sweet. I’ve never had much of a sour tooth, but this summer my favorite drink has been a lime squeezed in a big glass of water, no sugar, no ice. For some reason that’s the most refreshing thing I can think of right now.

  3. I love limes plain and with salt! Limes and lemons with salt are a common treat in Southern California, and I was introduced to them by friends.

    Our Hispanic grocery stores sell lime-flavored salt. It is a candy! Have you ever had it?

  4. Off-topic

    What courses are you teaching in the Fall? What books are involved? Will you post your syllabus? What are you reading?

    Think Velvet Underground … or Orchestral Manuvers in the Dark:

    I’m … waitin’ for my Lady.

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