In which Lady Z eloquently defends maligned piratekind.

Look, I don’t care what the stick-up-the-butt critics say (A. O. Scott, I’m looking at you); if pirates vs. Kraken isn’t the greatest thing ever, I don’t know what is.

What part of this does not equal awesome???

I do concede Z’s point, however, that between Dead Man’s Chest and King Kong, what with their reintroduction of the cannibalistic “native” as part of the formula for all-American blockbuster fun, he’s “kind of nostalgic for political correctness.”

4 thoughts on “In which Lady Z eloquently defends maligned piratekind.

  1. Love the eloquent review 🙂

    I haven’t seen PotC yet, as the previews kind of grossed me out. However, I fully agree with Z on the natives and King Kong. Yearning for PC, indeed.

  2. Well, let’s indulge in some wishful thinking: with (a) the re-emergence of the cannibal in film and (b) the recent spate of direct-to-video serial killer biopics, it seems obvious to me that a long, long overdue Albert Fish biopic must be just around the corner.

    And someone has to be shopping a Donner Party script.

    Cannibals + Americans = good clean blockbuster fun.

    Americans AS cannibals… that’s just freakin’ cool.

  3. Another parallel is that both movies could have used some chopping on the editing floor. A half hour in the case of Pirates and 1.5 hours in the case of King Kong.

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