Photo meme.

I’m still moving in, which means my space here hasn’t really settled yet. But here are some images of the current state of things.

For antof9, here is the place I do the most thinking:

I’m in the process of putting my postcard collection up. It’s been sitting in a book since college, but I liked to have it up on the walls back when I was an undergrad, and I think my brain worked better in the highfalutin clutter. Some close-ups; note the Wall of Genius in the second and third shots:

Oh, and because I get extra points if I’m in the shot, here’s what it looks like when I turn toward the window:

(Z said, “It’s like they’re your own feet.” I have no idea what he meant. They are my own feet.)

Now, I’m assuming that since my naked butt was off-limits, xterminal wanted pictures of my books. Most of my books are actually in my office on campus, but here’s a shot of my reading corner:

The painting in the background was done by my sister sillygirl84 when she was in high school. Normally, there would be piles of stuff sitting on the floor around the chair, but I tidied up to try to imagine what kind of table-like thing should go there to hold some of that stuff. Now the nearest shelf is doubling as a side table for books in use:

bcjennyo requested a shot of my favorite stuffed animal. Well, I have three, and I love them all equally:

That’s Totoro, Haggis (the Scottie, from Harrod’s), and Cecil B. DePig. I discuss my more controversial ideas with them before offering them to the world at large.

And madame_urushiol asked for the most lady thing in the house, and I thought, What’s more lady than overpriced, unnecessary product? Thus:

…my shelf of overpriced, unnecessary hair products. This for the girl who doesn’t know how to use a blow dryer and puts her hair in a ponytail every day. I won’t tell you how much I paid for the luscious, minimal, expensive-looking packaging. Note cheap-chic makeup case to the right—one of those “free gifts with ridiculously expensive purchase” from the Lancôme counter.

And, finally, it’s not part of the meme but it is really cool—the lady pirate grendel1031 sent me as a housewarming trinket:

In other news, I had my oil changed today and got hit on by the car guy. He asked for my digits, and I told him that I could give them to him but they were my boyfriend’s digits too, so if we actually went out he’d have to go with both of us (technically not true; Z and I share many things, but a cell phone is not one of them), and he said, “Okay.” When I reported this encounter back to Z, he said, “You did give him your digits, right?”

11 thoughts on “Photo meme.

  1. 1. I want to see Totoro. Or, umm, My Neighbor Totoro. I never got around to it. I wonder if I would like it, as it is a children’s film…

    2. It is astonishing to me that I have absolutely zero of the postcards in your collection. I always manage at least one or twenty-three.

    • 1. Oh, see it! It is marvelous. And if you haven’t seen Spirited Away, see that too.

      2. Maybe when I get the rest of it up we’ll find more in common. Most of these were aquired in art galleries during my year abroad in Europe, so there are lots of madonnas and naked ladies that I haven’t put up…not that I’m suggesting you collect naked ladies, or whatever.

      • 1. I own that one. I really like Miyazaki, so I don’t know why I’ve seen so few of his films. Then again, I don’t know how many are available in the US.

        2. I collect naked ladies. Most of them fit in my closet, though.

      • Most, if not all, of Miyazaki is available in America now. And it’s all worth seeing.

        Come to think of it, I’ve never seen a Studio Ghibli release not worth seeing– and their finest moment isn’t even Miyazaki. (Isao Takahata’s Grave of the Fireflies, which is impossible to get through without lots and lots of crying.)

      • Why isn’t there a Studio Ghibli box set? Or is there? I want one.

        Shamefully, I haven’t seen Grave of the Fireflies yet, thought it’s been hovering near the top of my Netflix queue for a while. The last Ghibli film I saw was the delightful Pompoko.

        I also can’t think of a film from that studio, Miyazaki or not, that wasn’t up to snuff. Z didn’t like Porco Rosso as much as the rest, but I loved it.

      • Hmmm I think I read about that one in a roundabout way, when I was reading about how Miyazaki’s son is making an Earthsea film. Which will hopefully be better than the disastrous Sci-Fi film, which butchered Ursula K. Leguin.

  2. Love it! All of it! And thanks for putting the book photos in a big size so I could see the titles! Vintage Emily Post…delightful!

    Mmmmmm…Aveda. I think products are the only totally girly thing I do–I’m a complete whore when it comes to things for the hair, face, skin, bath, and the more expensive and useless the better.

  3. I may have to de-friend you because my little stucco house is so horribly un-hip compared to your digs. Your space reminds me of my parents’ lives as young academics (not so strange, considering both you and my dad are PhD’s). Fabulous!

    I’m a postcard fan, so if you email me your address, I can certainly add to your collection! red at menaces dot net

    I abhor those “look at my bookshelves” posts in book communities, but since I actually know a bit about you, I was delighted to examine your shelves!

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