Glitter made me do it: the prep.

I have been so remiss in my blogging duties. I believe this has been the longest lapse in between posts since I started keeping this LJ, and I have no good excuse, except that I’ve been moving and I hate moving so my mind and body shut down and enter a state of deep hibernation, waiting, waiting for it all to be over.

It is not over.

I’ve vacated the Main Line and am back in Rhode Island. Last weekend, Z and I sojourned to sunny Fayetteville and found an apartment. Nothing glamorous, but it does have a dishwasher—an appliance about which I have been fantasizing for the last 8 years, I am not ashamed to say—and a washer and dryer, and central air, and a swimming pool. So that’s that. I’m not homeless. Hurrah.

The best evidence I can offer of the trauma inflicted on me by the moving experience is the fact that I am retreating deep into the post-Glitter world, not for solace, obviously, which is the last thing to be found in the PGW, but just out of a psychopathic compulsion to take my abjection to the outer limits. Sunday night, nkb_vp_ltl and I, knowing full well that it was a Bad Idea of the Highest Order, purchased several cans of a product called Diet Rockstar, which promised that the consumer would “Party Like a Rockstar.” Indeed, as we used the Diet Rockstar to help wash down every last trace of hard alcohol in my apartment (the only part of packing I have enjoyed so far), we did party like one big-ass rockstar.

After imbibing Diet Rockstar, NKB and Lady Z partied more like Snoop Dogg than like Rod Stewart, obviously.

Tonight NKB and I are hosting a little get-together during which we will inflict Mariah Carey’s cinematic house of postmodern horrors on an audience of Glitter virgins. NKB’s brilliant Glitter Drinking Game shall be our vehicle into unknown circles of hell. I cordially invite you all to play along.

Once fully descended into the PGW, we’ll be heading over to Murray’s for karaoke. If I live to see another day, I’ll offer a report either here or over at

Glitter and out.

Currently listening to “Trashy But Lady (a mix for NKB)”:
1. Jermaine Dupri ft. Mariah “Welcome to Hell” Carey – It’s Like That
2. Joan Jett and the Blackhearts – Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah)
3. Khia – Lick My Neck, My Back
4. Bananarama – Move in My Direction
5. Janet Jackson – Black Cat
6. The Coup – Pimps
7. Wham! – Bad Boys
8. Spank Rock – Put That Pussy On Me
9. Olivia Newton-John – Physical
10. Akcent (Romanian boy band) – Kylie
11. FannyPack – Smack It Up
12. Ak’sent (hot teenage rapper) – Zingy
13. Samantha Fox – Naughty Girls Need Love Too
14. Poison – Talk Dirty To Me
15. Prince – Peach
16. Scissor Sisters – Filthy/Gorgeous
17. Cristina – What’s a Girl to Do
18. Scandal ft. Patty Smythe – The Warrior
19. Oscar the Grouch – I Love Trash

12 thoughts on “Glitter made me do it: the prep.

  1. Welcome back!

    Between grading final papers and final exams, then moving, I figured you were a bit busy to post. Damn real life, anyway; it gets in the way too often.

    The apartment sounds pretty good. Swimming pools are cool, as long as somebody else gets the maintenance job.

    *nudge, nudge* A mailing address sent to gcasler at mac dot com might provide some amusing mail. *wink, wink*

    • Only if we can blame it for the fact that I didn’t see your comment until just now…for which we could also blame graduation, moving, and a mean case of tonsilitis.

      But I’d rather blame Glitter.

      • Ah, such is life in the post-Glitter world.
        Tonsilitis is a BITCH! My first two years of college, I had it several times and was sick as a dog. There were all kinds of woeful prognostications that I would have to have them out.
        You’ll be pleased to hear that the last time my tonsils swelled was 1983 and they haven’t bothered me since then. Here’s hoping your tonsilitis will go away and never come back…kind of like Mariah Carey’s film career.

  2. No place with a swimming pool and a personal w/d can be all bad. Of course, you’ll get there just in time to experience summer in the South, but it could be worse – say, winter in Antarctica, perhaps?

    I’m so thrilled to recognize TWO songs on your playlist. Of course, one of them is Oscar’s.(grin)

      • well, hola, neighbor! i’m guessing the sycamore apartments..? if they’re a pierce property, they’re usually pretty decent. though, you (and I actually) are dangerously close to being in the shady party of fayetteville.

        i’m actually going to be looking for a place soon. we’ve got a 2 bedrooom but only 1 bath. a house would be great, but on my ample social worker salary, it probably doesn’t fit in the budget.

        maybe we can get together at some point and i can regale you with what i know of fayetteville (so far, seeing as how i’ve only been here since august).

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