Best list ever?

Why did I not know about this feature of the NYTimes Online?

Keywords most frequently searched by readers [in the last 24 hours]:

1. immigration
2. iran
3. colbert
4. china
5. india
6. bush
7. education
8. gay
9. iraq war
10. mexico

I’m sure there’s much to be said about this little snapshot of the American mind, but I haven’t had nearly enough coffee to take it on just yet. Please, talk amongst yourselves.

10 thoughts on “Best list ever?

  1. They’re quite fun when you run them together. “Colbert China” sounds to me like a particularly piquant veined cheese. “Gay Iraq War” needs no explanation.

  2. How interesting that none of the columnists’ names made the list. The only search I ever do on is for the name of a given columnist, never by subject keyword.

  3. There is something to say about stringing together “bush education”. Or is there?

    Bush *pause* education?? Never. It was a waste of his time.
    or reversing them,
    Did you get a chance to see the education bush? What? There’s a shrub that teaches? Is that like from the movie “Prince of Egypt” where Moses is talking to the burning bush?

    • I want to sing Bush education to the tune of “Bad Reputation.” Then again, I want to sing everything to the tune of “Bad Reputation.”

  4. I think that’s a fantastic idea worthy of Dave Barry.

    If you have yet to run accross it, there’s an article in the Magazine of the Times here that, besides being a bit frightening and terribly interesting, also begins with talking about Daniel Defoe.

    Also, I find it fascinating that in the past 30 days, one of the most searched-for terms is Duke lacrosse. Oh, Duke.

    • Yes, it would be poetically appropriate, wouldn’t it?

      Have you ever seen the Celebrity Jeopardy SNL skit on the Best of Will Ferrell Vol. 1? So, so funny.

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