The catch-up meme.

How many times has someone on your friends list posted about something and you were really confused, but you didn’t want to ask because you knew you SHOULD know?

How many times have you felt ‘guilty’ asking a close LJ friend a question that should be ‘obvious’?

Well, here’s your chance. If you’ve missed a few things, missed an entry and are confused, ask me anything.

Even something EXTREMELY basic, like where I live! I’m not allowed to get even slightly irritated at any of the questions – we’ve all missed things before. In turn, though, you must repost this in your own journal.

17 thoughts on “The catch-up meme.

    • I wouldn’t say recovered, exactly, but I’ve begun to come to terms with the fact of living in the post-Glitter world. And I haven’t slept with any dogs lately, unless you count my stuffed Scottie dog, Haggis, or Z.

    • 1. In spring 2005, as I was putting the finishing touches on my dissertation (“A Taste for China: British Identity and the Pre-History of Orientalism in the Long Eighteenth Century”) at Brown, I received an email from my director saying that her friend Raji Mohan was looking for someone to fill in for Haverford’s 18th-centuryist in the upcoming school year, and though I was something of a long shot (not having finished the diss yet), would I like to try for it and see if I could get out of grad school a year earlier than I’d planned? And I said Hells Yes. So I sent in a bunch of writing, came and gave a talk on Pope and Swift, and by some stroke of luck was offered the position. Then I wrote my freaking ass off to finish the dissertation before I came.

      2. I began this LJ in January 2005, back when zugenia was still an impoverished, struggling graduate student. The journal’s original title was “Zugenia’s Dissertation Procrastination Journal,” and it was conceived as a tribute to my own uselessness. Which it continues to be.

    • Re: You are under no obligation to answer these questions

      1. In Fayetteville, AR. I took a tenure-track position at the University of Arkansas. Lady Z’s goin’ south!

      2. Technically, no. In spirit, yes. Eventually we probably will make it official, if only because I think a wedding would be an excellent opportunity to hire a karaoke DJ and monopolize the mic.

    • Re: Nosy

      We’ve been together about two years, though it feels much longer. We knew each other as colleagues and friends for five years before we became a thing.

      He’s moving to Arkansas with me for the summer (we’re moving at the end of May!), and then he’s going to Cincinnati to start his job there in the fall. So we’ll have to do the long distance thing some more, which, frankly, sucks.

  1. So many questions, so little time.

    1. Any good stripper bars in Fayetteville? If you don’t know the answer, I can always e-mail Bill Clinton and ask him.

    2. Have you heard the new Flaming Lips CD yet?

    3. Have you solved the structural connundrum of Paradise Lost yet? If not, I have, but am too busy to work it up into an article, so would be happy to share it with you and have you reap all of the glory, provided you treat me to the stripper bar next time, after Clinton has told us which one to go to.

    4. Have you figured out the identity of any of the Residents yet?

    5. Do you know who is playing at Bonnarroo this year? K and I are going. It’s going to be fucking awesome. You and Z should double with us next year, provided you’re not married yet. We hate married people, karoaoke or not. They tend not to do enough drugs or have enough sex to enjoy hanging out with us.

    6. Does Arkansas have a lacrosse team?

    7. How long do you predict Dryden will continue to be in the canon?

    8. Shaken or Stirred?

    9. What’s a meme? Is this a lingustic reference? If so I know. If not, I’m confused.

    10. How is it possible that a single human being can be as well read as you are, especially one that was once a student of mine?

    • Re: So many questions, so little time.

      1. I dunno. Call Bill, pronto.

      2. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah.

      3. No, though I would be very happy to pilfer your ideas. Shall we get together this summer, after I move down south, to discuss sin and sex over strippers?

      4. No.

      5. No. Tell me so I can be jealous. I’ll hold off on the marriage if I must for double dating purposes.

      6. Probably. That place is lousy with jocks.

      7. Who? No, but seriously folks, here’s an anecdote. At a recent conference, after a panel on which I presented a paper on Swift, a woman came up to me and said, “You’re a Dryden fan, aren’t you?” and I said, “Why would you say such a thing?” and she said “Don’t you like to teach Dryden?” and I said “I never have” and she said, “Oh, it just seemed like you would” and that was that. It was intensely surreal.

      8. Stirred, if we’re talking about a certain cocktail involving extra olives. Shaken, if we’re talking about all night long.

      9. It is kind of a linguistic reference. More locally, it’s these quizzy, questiony kind of things that people pass around from blog to blog so you post stuff when you’re too lazy to write anything.

      10. That, my friend, is a mystery.

      • See What remaining single could get you


        Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers

        Phil Lesh & Friends


        Elvis Costello & the Imposters

        Bonnie Raitt

        Death Cab for Cutie


        Bright Eyes

        The Neville Brothers

        Bela Fleck & the Flecktones

        Buddy Guy

        Damian Marley

        Ben Folds

        Robert Randolph & the Family Band

        Dr. John


        G. Love & Special Sauce

        My Morning Jacket

        Ricky Skaggs & Kentucky Thunder

        Steel Pulse

        Mike Gordon and Ramble Dove

        Cat Power

        Medeski Martin & Wood

        Nickel Creek



        Steve Earle

        Blues Traveler

        Amadou & Mariam

        Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks

        The Dresden Dolls

        Son Volt

        Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

        Jerry Douglas


        Rusted Root

        Devendra Banhart Band

        Donavon Frankenreiter

        Mike Doughty


        Grace Potter & the Nocturnals

        The Magic Numbers

        Bill Frisell

        Seu Jorge

        Bettye LaVette


        Shooter Jennings

        Rebirth Brass Band


        Andrew Bird

        Steel Train

        Jackie Greene


        The Wood Brothers

        dios (malos)

        Toubab Krewe

        The Motet



        Balkan Beat Box

        The Cat Empire

      • Re: See What remaining single could get you

        You had me at Death Cab. Then again at Dresden Dolls.

        I am officially jealous. Next year, I’m coming.

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