Karaoke report.

Reasons why Stephen Hock is a karaoke god:

1. Mama Said Knock You Out

2. Rock Me Amadeus auf Deutsch

3. Talk Dirty to Me

Yes, folks, it was another rockin’ Sunday night at the Locust Bar.

5 thoughts on “Karaoke report.

  1. why doesn’t everybody in the world karaoke?

    I think a new litmus test for friends will be whether they karoake. and your friend’s set list is truly outstanding…esp. the german rendition of rock me amadeus.

    how can you not LOVE karaoke…find it an addition?

    • How come I never get invited to “parties inviting open and notorious sexual activity”?

      I guess I haven’t been working closely enough with Maury Povich—despite his Asian fetish.

      • What about my asian fetish?

        And really, how many other people is he going to drag over to get a paternity test when one of his affairs gets pregnant? That would be amusing.

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