7 thoughts on “Public service announcement.


    Don’t show me your bones, Ms. O. Your new album really sucks. Growl is gone, but what really bakes my noodle is the absence of feedback squeal.

    The new Flaming Lips cd, on the other hand, is fucking brilliant. And if you like things heavy, check out the latest Pearls and Brass CD, “The Indian Tower.”

    In Rap, the new Ghostface Killah CD, Fishscale, the street term for pure cocaine, is well, you know, absolutely killah. Too bad ODB aint alive anymore to have done a guest spot.

    • Re: NAH NAH NAHS

      I picked up the new Flaming Lips yesterday, even though they did a spot on it on NPR and whenever NPR covers one of my favorite acts it takes forever to get the old people smell out of it.

  2. I knew I was saving this pic for a special post. Unk was at a Kittie concert last night 🙂

    (if it’s monstrous huge after I hit “post”, I’ll just delete, but you’ll still have it in your inbox)

    Are you sure it’s Karen O.? Perhaps an imposter?

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