Another very special classroom moment.

Earlier today:

Me: None of you has seen the movie Mimic?
Students: [silence]
Me: But it’s so good! It’s about assimilation, and multicultural anxiety, and giant bugs eating people in the New York subway!
Student: Was it ever even out in theaters?
Me: Of course it was. It was popular. It came out when I was in college.
Student: …so, like, in the mid-seventies, right?
Me: Oh look at that. You just failed my class.

10 thoughts on “Another very special classroom moment.

  1. What do kids know.

    I called one of the kids *Honey-Bunch* today and the whole class fell on the floor laughing. They thought I was referring to a cereal!!!

  2. LOL! Of course, the fact that your students think a hottie like you is even older than me (and no one is older than me) makes me worry about their powers of observation.

  3. It came out when I was in college.


    Did anyone remember to reserve my space at the nursing home?

    (And really, I think you may have been stretching it a tad with “popular;” isn’t it the movie that killed Mira Sorvino’s career?)

  4. I remember it and not going to see it. I’m not licensed for giant bugs, scary movies, or Kevin Costner.

    Too bad about that kid who failed your class 🙂

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