An open letter to the iTunes music store.

Dear iTunes Music Store,

If someone had asked me, at any point until this evening, if I would pay my hard-earned money to watch the same crappy network programs I can watch for free on TV—would I, in other words, pay actual money for the freedom to watch (on my computer, whenever I want) shows that I don’t really want to watch (anywhere, ever)—I would have said no. Clearly, you knew this was not true, which is why you now sell crappy network programs for $1.99 a pop on the internet. You have ruined my life and stripped me of the last vestiges of my self-respect.

Lady Z

P.S. Please get CSI.

5 thoughts on “An open letter to the iTunes music store.

  1. I am so not going near iTunes. I can resist the songs: I tend to buy those nice, old-fashioned CDs…and not too many of those in a year. But I’m finding video-stuff fairly addictive, especially as current television programming appeals to me less and less. (…and since I have crocheting I need to do, so I’m not reading as much, and the TV is on a lot, so…)

    Imagine, I could dump my current cable television and spend the same money monthly on videos I could watch on my laptop whenever I wanted, and…


  2. iTunes is where my brother bought and downloaded all the episodes of “The Office” for me. When I’m enjoying the fruits of the suckerage, I think iTunes is wonderful. Something tells me not to go looking for myself, though. (They don’t sell new episodes of “The Sopranos”, do they? I cancelled HBO after the end of “Sex and the City” and am wondering what’s going on with Tony, et al).

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