Blah dee blah blah.

I’m at one of those interim, it’s-outta-my-hands stages of the whole job thing, and finding it very hard to concentrate on anything, even television. (Though last night’s all-new CSI, entitled Pirates of the Third Reich, in which Melinda “Call Me Julie Cooper-Nichol” Clark made an appearance as the supersmart dominatrix Lady Heather who at one point straps a neo-nazi mad scientist to a car in the middle of the desert and slaps him with a bull-whip until he cries, kept me fairly enthralled.) Last night I dreamt about the I Love Egg! song, and that Posh Spice and Shakira were the same person and I had a huge poster of her in my dorm room, and that I finally hooked up with That Boy From High School I Never Hooked Up With (that last of which is a recurring event in my dream life, I confess). This morning I found myself finally signing up for the McSweeney’s Book Release Club, which I’ve been trying to resist for weeks, and decided that in the interest of avoiding a full day of buying up my various wish lists through internet book sellers, I should go into the city and wander around. I think I’ll go see Capote at some point, at which I’ll release In Cold Blood, which I finished a few nights ago, and which puts Law & Order to shame.

I realized this week that I watch Law & Order with religious devotion because I have a serious problem that cries for therapeutic intervention, but I watch CSI with a similar devotion because it’s really fucking good.

Someone say something witty and fun. Here we are now; entertain us.

7 thoughts on “Blah dee blah blah.

  1. This morning I found myself finally signing up for the McSweeney’s Book Release Club, which I’ve been trying to resist for weeks

    You’re not fooling me. You did it just to get the squid book, didn’t you?

    Can I go with you to Capote? I really, really want to go see it. I read In Cold Blood when I was 14 (which was a looong time ago). I thought it was amazing. I should read it again someday.

  2. I have nothing witty and fun to share other than this tidbit: My brother just recently shared the television equivalent of crack cocaine with me via CDs. From i-Tunes, he’s purchased, downloaded and peddled to me the US version of “The Office” starring Steve Carell who is way to clever at portraying an ignorant, egomaniacal and socially inept boss.
    Just this morning, I sat and watched three episodes and nearly choked on my oatmeal watching the ones dubbed “Diversity” and “The Alliance”.

    Television can get a terrible hold on me, at times. Do you think your therapist will do “group”?

    • I can’t believe I almost missed the ball debriefing! (Huh huh ….. huhuhuh.) I just read it, as you know from the comments, and it was a magnificent account. I’m writing this here to encourage anyone who’s reading these comments to go on over to Madame’s and have a look-see. Really, you must.

  3. CSI

    I can’t believe the one night in a year I miss CSI is another visit with Lady Heather. Grr. What a good thing the show reruns constantly.

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