Fresh fresh fresh egg!

I’m off to the midwest for a couple of days, but I leave you in the hands of something so delightfully weird that it will keep you mesmerized until I return. I give you: [ETA: The ever-vigilant copperwise reports that some PCs may encounter viruses on the iloveegg site, so I’ve removed the link. But Cute Overload, whence the link originally came, has provided an alternative, virus-free link to the song, so click away.]

Go, and click on the “egg song.” It is worth waiting for it to load. Trust me.

(Z’s comment: “I think Korea is the new Japan.”)

9 thoughts on “Fresh fresh fresh egg!

  1. my thoughts on reading your entry:

    1. how far west? (although Coloradans don’t consider CO “midwest”, apparently the majority of the rest of the country does)
    2. orange is the new pink
    3. my eggs are going to be in a bacon-n-cheese omelette in about 45 minutes πŸ™‚

  2. “They always attempt to change, since they feel they cannot stay in the refrigerator as normal eggs. They wish to be reborn…”

    I can help them! Here, come into my lovely hollandaise sauce, or this refreshing lemon curd…

    Good luck on the interview circut!

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