Dark times.

A colleague of mine has alerted me to the disturbing news from western Japan that Japanese teenagers have been subjected to a karaoke curfew:

Osaka prefecture Wednesday imposed a ban on youths under 16 going alone to any establishment with a karaoke machine after 7:00 pm in an effort to promote “sound nightlife for young people.”

Cruel, cruel world! I know I need not point out to my readers the sadistic irony of barring the kids from karaoke in the name of a “sound nightlife.” I imagine hoards of zombie teenagers, excluded from the civilizing rites and rituals of belting out all-but-forgotten classics of the early eighties for a loving crowd of drunken strangers late into the night, forced to roam the streets of Osaka in search of ways to (in Peaches’ words) fuck the pain away, like smoking crack and consuming human flesh.

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